Vympel Ammunition

Golden Tiger Ammunition is manufactured by Vympel

Vympel was founded in 1976.

Golden Tiger ammo is offered in steel cased rifle and pistol calibers.

The Vympel State Production Association specializes in the manufacture of 5.45 mm, 7.62 mm and 9 mm cartridges for small arms. Cartridge production is based on unique and highly efficient technologies using special automatic rotary and rotary conveyer lines. The level of automation and mechanization reaches 93 percent.

Plant construction was started in February 1976. Its first stage was commissioned in 1982, and its completed flow line started producing cartridges in January 1983. The project production capacity reached target figures in 1985. In 1990 the plant was reorganized into a production association, which switched in June 1995 to the manufacture of 5.45mm cartridges featuring increasedpiercing power.

The Vympel State Production Association is an acknowledged leading manufacturer in Russia of this type of ammunition. The Vympel-produced cartridges fully comply with most exacting requirements imposed upon ammunition by modern small arms development standards. In addition to cartridges, the association also manufactures industrial products and consumer goods of over 20 types and conducts intensive work aimed at expanding the range of goods and development of new production processes.

First the plant was designed as a strictly specialized enterprise for 5,45 mm cartridge production on state customer’s orders. The enterprise turned out first products in 1982; at the beginning of 1989 cartridge output reached the designed capacity.

In the early nineties, in spite of the depression of defence industry and, as a result of it, difficult financial and economic situation, the enterprise could master and carry out the production of several types of military cartridges including blank cartridge, cartridge with steel core bullet model 1943, pistol cartridge, cartridge with enhanced penetration bullet. The enterprise is proud of its 5,45 mm cartridge with armour piercing core bullet. At present this cartridge is the most powerful and effective one among cartridges of this type, it has no analogues in Russia and abroad. This cartridge excels cartridge with enhanced penetration bullet using by Russian armed forces in 1,5 times.


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Amursk, Khabarovsk region, 
Russia 682640
Telephone: +7 (42142) 2-57-25;   
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