Magazines & Clips

magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device
within or attached to a firearm

  • tubular magazines
  • detachable box magazines
  • detachable drum magazines

magazines have parts;

  • Spring
  • Spring Follower
  • Body
  • Base Plate


  • Device used to store multiple rounds of ammunition together
  • Made of one continuous piece of stamped metal
  • No moving parts
  • (called chargers by the British)
  • 1888 – developed in Germany

Volcanic Rifle

  • 1st First tubular magazine
  • Fed into the chamber from a spring-loaded tube called a magazine

Spencer Rifle

  • 1st successful First tubular magazine
  • used a tubular magazine
  • Magazine located in the stock of the gun (not under the barrel)
  • used new rimfire metallic cartridges

Rollin White

  • 1855 – Patented Early box magazine

Robert Wilson

  • 1864 – Patented detachable box magazine

Krag–Jørgensen Rifle

  • 1886 designed in Norway
  • Used a rotary magazine built into receiver

Lee–Metford Rifle

  • 1888 designed
  • first rifles to use detachable box magazine
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