Ammo Collection

Welcome to Ammo Buyers Guide
A place to learn more about ammunition, Buying Ammunition, Choosing Ammo, and collecting Bullets and Ammunition

Here we share a growing collection of Ammunition and related accessories


The ammunition in this collection comes from these primary sources:

South East Regional Park, where I volunteered as a Range Safety Officer for a few years. Shooters would occasionally get bad ammo and we have a place to put those rounds. I would dig through there to find new items fir the collection, and found something new occasionally
Tucson Guns & Western Artifacts, a gun shop in Tucson that has supported our websites and my collections for many years. They carry all kinds of unusual, obsolete and hard to find calibers of ammunition. They often have a new item for the collection when I visit their store

Gun Shows are a great source for rare, outdated and vintage collectible ammo as well as out of production ammunition

Of course I also look down when I go to the shooting range. You ever know what you might find if you just start paying attention to things around you



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