AK47 Ammunition

AK47 Ammo, is typically 7.62×39 Ammunition

Think about how many Kalashnikovs have been made, and to feed all those rifles, there has been more 7.62×39 mm ammunition made than most other calibers, so there is a LOT of it. AK47 Ammo is easy, cheap and fun to collect. Look down next time you are at the range, and you will undoubtedly be able to start a collection of 7.62×39 ammo.

People cant reload the steel cases, so they often leave it behind, collecting the common brands available in your area will be very easy and free

Start collecting AK47 spent cases (7.62×39) now, brands come & go, headstamps change, boxes are re-branded.. and as a collector, all these variations are easy to collect by looking in garbage cans and brass buckets when you visit the range

Give the kids something to do if they are not as interested in shooting !!Have them start to collect 7.62×39 spent cases in a 9mm, 38-spl, or most pistol caliber ammo boxes (the plastic ammo holders are perfect for 7.62×39 cases) The primers, sealants, cases all are different colors and combos, so as an AK47 ammo collection grows, the variety is amazing

7.62×39 Videos

Here are over a dozen of our videos on AK47 Ammo, 7.62x39mm ammunition history, collecting, shooting & more


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